Filters For City Water

Let Us Help Improve Your Water Quality

Financing available with payment as low as $19 to $29 per month!

The Best Filters For City Water

Complete line of water quality improvement equipment designed for city water. Options include whole house water filters; combination water softener and whole house filter; jumbo cartridge filters and drinking water systems.

Whole House Filters

If you suspect your water is not safe, these Safeway Water systems are for you!

Combination Softener & Filter

Our best-selling system for city water

Water Softeners

Enjoy soft water and all the benefits!

Jumbo Cartridge Filters

Lowest cost whole house filter for Chlorine, taste, odor and chemical removal.

Reverse Osmosis Systems For Drinking Water

The best technology for drinking water!

Under Sink Drinking Water Systems

Low cost filters work under low pressures and no storage tank is required.

High Quality And Affordable Prices

With Safeway Water you get quality for less, since we have the best value in the industry. You get top quality equipment, affordable prices, technical support, the best warranty and service after the sale.

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We are happy to provide quotations upon request. Please specify the products of interest and be sure to tell us where you reside. Water conditions vary, and we are happy to provide technical assistance.

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