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The Best Counter Top Water Dispenser

Enjoy safe, filtered hot and cold water with water dispensers from Safeway Water. Simply connect the dispenser to a cold water line, so no bottles are required. Counter top models come with two-stage filtration, build in. Save money compared to bottle water deliver.

Counter Top Water Dispensers Specifications

Tank constructionStainless steel
Tank capacity0.55 gals. (cold); 0.5 gals. (hot)
Cold water temp.39°F - 50°F; 4°C – 10°C
Hot water temp.158°F – 194°F; 70°C – 90°C
Electrical110 volts; 60 Hz.
Inlet pressure (min.)60 PSI; 4.1 bar
Inlet pressure (max.)100 PSI; 7 bar
Dimensions9” x 15” x 15.5” (w x d x h)
Weight30 lbs.

Part Number: WD-CT-B (black)

Safeway Water counter top water dispensers for hot and cold water come with two-stage filtration built-in.  Specifications are listed Above:

Counter Top Replacement Filter Cartridges

Part NumberRemovesReplacement
WD-C-SEDSediment, particulate, solids6 mos.
WD-C-CBCTaste, odors, chlorine, chemicals6 mos.


To install your Safeway Water counter top water dispenser simply connect it to a cold water line using the ¼” tubing supplied.  Feed water valves are extra because there are many options.  If a sink is located nearby, connect with a John Guest angle stop valve.

(Part number ASVPP1LF)

The Best Counter Top Water Dispensers money can buy

High quality manufacturing with two-stage filtration build-in. Save money! Why buy bottled water!

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