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Financing available with payment as low as $19 to $29 per month!

The Best Water Softeners In The USA

World class manufacturing, cutting-edge designs and attention to detail are what Safeway Water is all about. With Safeway Water, you get the “best” at affordable prices.

Safeway Water Premium Series water conditioners come with a LIFETIME limited warranty. See warranty card for full details.

Premium Series Water Conditioners

High efficiency water softeners with advanced electronics for reduced salt usage. Our premium Series systems come with a LIFETIME limited warranty.

Safeway Water® Signature Series Systems

Highly effective water softeners to meet every family’s budget. With Signature Series systems, you get quality for less!

Dual Alternating Water Conditioning Systems

Recommended when soft, conditioned water is required 24 / 7 without interruption. Ideal for restaurants, hospitals, estate homes, and industrial applications.

Space Saver Water Softeners

Designed to fit in tight spaces. Ideal for condominiums, apartments, cottages, low crawl spaces, small basements and anywhere space is limited.

All Products Made In the U.S.A.

Safeway Water systems are assembled in Ocala, Florida using components manufactured in the U.S.A. With Safeway Water, you get top quality equipment using components manufactured in a world class manufacturing facility, affordable prices, the best customer service and post-sale technical support.

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We are happy to provide quotations upon request. Please specify the products of interest and be sure to tell us where you reside. Water conditions vary, and we are happy to provide technical assistance.

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