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Highly Affordable Signature Series Water Conditioners

Enjoy soft water with Signature Series water softeners by Safeway Water. These models are highly popular because they are “value priced” to meet every family’s budget. Values come with a seven year limited warranty, and tanks are warranted for ten years.

Safeway Water® Signature Series Systems

✔ Metered control valve operation for greater efficiency
✔ Stingy with salt and water!
✔ Premium 8% cross-linked resin for improved performance
✔ Gravel under bedding for uniform flow distribution
✔ NSF certificated pressure tanks, rated to 600 psi
✔ Brine tanks come with safety float to prevent overflow
✔Systems are assembled in USA
✔Valves manufactured in USA
✔ Seven year limited warranty – valves
✔ Ten year limited warranty – tanks

How Water Signature Series Water Softeners Work

Major components

Major components of our Signature Series water softeners include our Signature Series metered control valve, designed to provide greater efficiency, by-pass valve to isolate the unit if necessary, pipe fittings, pressure tank, brine tank to contain the softener salt, ion exchange resin, gravel under bedding to provide even flow distribution, riser tube with bottom distributor and water softener salt, used to strip hardness minerals from the resin beads.

How water softeners work

The process whereby hardness minerals are removed from your water is described below:

  1. Water flows through the resin bed.
  2. As water flows through the ion exchange resin, hardness minerals (Calcium & Magnesium) are attracted to the resin and are removed from the water.
  3. Eventually, the resin reaches its capacity and the resin must be cleaned. (This process is called “regeneration”.)
  4. The control valve initiates the “cleaning process”, based on gallons used (not time).
  5. During the cleaning process, brine water flows through the resin and the hardness minerals become attached to the sodium in the brine water.
  6. After a period of time, the resin is rinsed so no salt will get into your water.


As water flows through the resin bed, hardness minerals are removed by the ion exchange resin.  Eventually, however, the resin reaches its capacity and must be cleaned.  This process is called, “regeneration”.

Signature Series valves are metered, which it calculates when this cleaning process must occur.

This cleaning process is described as follows:

  1. This is an upward flow to remove any particles and clean the resin.
  2. Brine draw / rinse. This important step is when brine water flows through the resin bed to remove the hardness minerals. During this cycle, hardness minerals become unattached from the resin and are attracted to the water softener resin.
  3. 2nd During this up-flow cycle, salt is rinsed off the ion exchange resin.
  4. An additional cycle to rinse salt off the resin in a down-flow direction.
  5. This is when water flows through the softener and into your house.
  6. During the brine tank refill, water is added to the brine tank for make-up water for brine water. Because this cycle is first, conditioned water is used for the brine tank make-up water.

Signature Series Water Conditioner Model

Model NumberDesign Flow (GPM)Value TypeMineral Tank (Size)Mineral Tank (Color)Brine Tank
SW-SS-WC-10010Metered Electronic9" x 48"BlackBlack
SW-SS-WC-15012Metered Electronic10" x 54"BlackBlack
SW-SS-WC-20015Metered Electronic12" x 52"BlackBlack

Pay Now Or Pay Later

When you are dealing with hard water, you can pay now by investing in a water conditioning system or you can pay later when your expensive appliances and plumbing fixtures must be replaced due to Calcium scale deposits. In the meantime, you save money using less detergents, soap and shampoo. Enjoy the good life with a water conditioner from Safeway Water!

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