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Water Treatment for Poor Quality Well Water

Kills Bacteria, Viruses and Other Harmful Microorganisms;
Filters Iron, Sulfur, particulate, corrects pH; and removes water hardness.

Home Water Treatment Plant

Is Your Water Safe?

If you get your water from a private well, how do you know your water is safe?

Here are a few concerns to consider:
  • Is your septic system only fifty feet from your well, which is common?
  • Do you live a rural community, where runoff from farm animals may contain e-coli bacteria, which can be fatal?
  • Do you fertilize your lawn, which exposed your ground water to Nitrates and other potentially harmful chemicals?
  • And are you in an area where naturally occurring contaminants, such as Arsenic and Sodium may be in your ground water?
  • Does your water contains Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese?
  • How about foul odors and bad tastes?

In many instances, we can treat well water without water treatment chemicals. For example, a UV Purifier is one option for bacteria and microorganisms.  However, if your well water has bacteria, Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide, chemical treatment may be  necessary.  And your pH may need correction to prevent corrosion and lead from leaching into your water.

What you need depends on what’s in your water.

With our HOME WATER TREATMENT PLANT, one size does not “fit all”.  For this reason, what equipment you need depends on the quality of your water.  Required components include a chemical feed pump, flow switch, contact tank, water treatment chemical, solution tank and a carbon filter to remove the chemical.  Optional equipment is a water softener (almost always required), Iron filter and an acid neutralizer, depending on your water’s pH.

This is why you may want to consider the “HOME WATER TREATMENT PLANT” from Safeway Water!

Assembled To Order

The HOME WATER TREATMENT PLANT is made to order, based on your water report.  Your local Safeway Water dealer will be happy to test your water and provide a full water quality analysis of your water.  To order your FREE water test, CONTACT US.

Home Water Treatment Plant Part Number

Part NumberComponent
ST-85MJH2A25Chemical feed pump (peristaltic)
FC-NG-3/4Flow switch, ¾"
KG21424PN7C00Solution tank, 15 gals.
MRT-12Contact tank (to mix water and chemical)
PP-HP05NHydrogen Peroxide, 5 gal. pail
SW-SS-CF-150Signature Series carbon filter, 10x54
SW-SS-WC-150Signature Series water softener, 10x54
SW-IZL-150Signature Series Iron / Sulfur filter, 10x54


The Best Water Treatment for Poor Quality Well Water

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