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Iron Zapper® Systems For Chemical-Free Iron Removal

Well water often contains Iron, which may stain plumbing fixtures, bath tubs, shower walls and doors. Iron can also stain sidewalks, driveways and add a metallic taste to your water. Hydrogen Sulfide may also be present, resulting in “rotten egg” or Sulfur odors. Manganese may also be a problem, leaving black spots on plumbing fixtures. Iron Zapper systems from Safeway Water remove Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese without using chemicals in most installations.

Iron Filter For Well Water

Chemical Free!

Iron Zapper systems use a chemical-free approach to Iron, Sulfur and manganese removal when bacteria is not present, and when your well pump can produce sufficient flow for proper backwash to clean the filter media.

Premium Series Iron Zapper systems come with a LIFETIME limited warranty.

See warranty card for full details.

Remove IRON and SULFUR from well water without chemicals with IRON ZAPPER SYSTEMS from SAFEWAY WATER

How it works!

Premium Series Iron Zapper systems come with our exclusive electronic control valve, designed for “air draw” operation. This creates an air pocket inside the filter for increased oxidation to make Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese more filterable.

This air pocket and oxygen contained in your water provides oxidation to precipitate Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese, so they drop out of solution to form particles. These particles are captured by the filter media. Periodically, the Iron Zapper system initiates a backwash cycle so the oxidized particles are flushed from the filter.

Iron Zapper systems do not need chemicals for oxidation. However, if you have bacteria, water treatment chemicals may be required for disinfection.

Model NumberVolume (Cu. Ft.)Tank SizeFlow Rate (GPM)

The Best Iron Filter Money Can Buy!

Iron Zapper systems are assembled in Ocala, Florida using components manufactured in the United States of American. These Safeway Water systems are used for water treatment, well water treatment, water treatment, well water, removal of Sulfur odors, elimination of rotten egg odors, Iron removal, removal of Iron from water, prevention of Iron stains and to remove Manganese from water.

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