Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

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Sulfur Shield® Systems For Chemical-Free Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

Well water often contains Hydrogen Sulfide, resulting in “rotten egg” or Sulfur odors. Well water may also contain pesticides, Radon, VOCs and harmful chemicals. Sulfur Shield systems are designed to remove Hydrogen Sulfide and these other impurities without using chemicals in most installations. However, if your water contains bacteria, water treatment chemicals may be required for disinfection.

Sulfur Filters For Well Water

No rotten egg odors!

Sulfur Shield systems are recommended when your water contains Hydrogen Sulfide, resulting in “rotten egg” odors.  If you have “rotten egg” odors without Iron, a Sulfur Shield system is for you!  (With Iron, see Iron Zapper systems.)

Chemical Free!

Premium Series Sulfur Shield systems use a chemical-free approach to Hydrogen Sulfide removal when bacteria are not present.  If your well contains bacteria you may need chemicals for disinfection.  See the “Home Water Treatment Plant”.

Sulfur Shield Systems Remove
  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Sulfur odors
  • Foul odors
  • Bad tastes
  • VOCs
  • Pesticides
  • Some Radon
  • Some heavy metals
  • Chlorine
  • Harmful chemicals

How it works!

Premium Series Sulfur Shield systems come with our exclusive electronic control valve, designed for “air draw” operation.  This creates an air pocket inside the filter for increased oxidation to make the Hydrogen Sulfide more filterable.

Also, Sulfur Shield systems use highly effective, Catalytic activated carbon, which adsorbs the Hydrogen Sulfide, so it is removed from your water.


Highly effective, long-life Catalytic Activated Carbon is used during STEP #1 to reduce or remove:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur and rotten egg odors
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Sediment

During STEP #2, your water is treated with KDF-85®, a highly effective bacteriostatic filter media, used to control the growth of bacteria, prevent fouling and extend the service life of the activated carbon.

Premium Series Sulfur Shield systems come with a LIFETIME limited warranty.
See warranty card for full details.

Remove SULFUR from well water without chemicals with SULFUR SHIELD SYSTEMS from SAFEWAY WATER.

Sulfur Filters For Well Water Model

Model NumberTank SizeFilter MediaFlow Rate (GPM)
SW-SS-SS-SRB-15010X54Catalytic Carbon + KDF-8510
SW-SS-SS-SRB-20012X54Catalytic Carbon + KDF-8512

The Best Sulfur Filter Money Can Buy!

Sulfur Shield systems are assembled in Ocala, Florida using components manufactured in the United States of American. These Safeway Water systems are used for water treatment, well water treatment, water treatment, well water, removal of Sulfur odors and elimination of rotten egg odors

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